TF Forming Systems

We are more than Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs), we are pioneers in resilient building.  Our goal in customer satisfaction is to manufacture durable, affordable, and energy efficient forms for residential and commercial use alike.

TF Forming Systems’ vertical Insulated Concrete Forms were designed from years of previous contracting experience to have the consumer in mind.  Vertical ICFs were created to be installed with minimal tools needed and less headaches for man.

This vertical ICF system works much like conventional steel or wood framed walls.  The system begins by standing up a corner in a c-channel within the footing.  Once the corner is up, inner and outer poly-panels are vertically placed between plastic rail studs.  Before the next corner is erected, reinforcing bar is inserted horizontally between inner and outer poly panels and secured to the studs for support.  Usually there is a space smaller than a traditional poly panel between the wall and the next corner.  When this happens, the space is measured and a poly panel piece is cut to fit the space; this is called a splice.  Because the poly panels do not have teeth or grooves to fit onto the plastic rails, splices are easy to add anywhere in a wall.  When a wall is finished, a c-channel is placed on top, locking the wall together.  The walls are then braced at the corners with kickers.  Once all these steps are completed, pouring may begin.

The finished project is a sturdy, energy efficient insulated concrete structure that will withstand the test of time.

“Very Knowledgeable”

I am particularly impressed with the knowledge of the technical people as they have construction backgrounds and know the product well. Together we have been able to overcome each and every design challenge my company has faced when forming concrete walls with ICF. Thanks for providing a great product and excellent service!

David Kozial
Kozial Construction

“30 Years of Concrete Experience”

I am always pleased to see a ThermoForm Vertical ICF project when I pull up to a jobsite.  I know the chances of any trouble with form failure or crooked walls is almost totally eliminated by contractors using ThermoForm.  With my 30 years of concrete experience, I am amazed at how much of an improvement the vertical ICF forms have been in the contracting world.

Rick Gazella
Gazella Concrete plumbing

“I like TF’s Vertical ICF System”

We had never used an ICF product before, except for one of our crew members.  His comment to me was, “I like TF’s Vertical ICF System over the block ICF’s I have used”.


Valley Building System

“Easy Decision”

When we considered the extra safety, better insulation, sound barrier, and building convenience, it was an easy decision to use the TF System!  We planned to have a safe house surrounded by ICF concrete walls.


Justin Weibers

“So Much Safer”

In Oklahoma storms are a big deal so having a home so much safer than a traditional home is a nice feeling.

James Ashford

“So Helpful”

Shawn and I are so thankful for all his help. Jerry is such a wonderful person. Everyone that works at your company is so helpful.

Michelle Vanderville