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Lumber Prices Rise

The price of lumber, from framing to structural panels, has increased in recent weeks with some prices rising more than 30%.


Concrete Home Takes Shape for Habitat

A summer building project is providing a first home for a young Antigo couple and teaching a new mix of skills to local volunteers.

One Of The Largest Homes In the US

Steve Huff's 72,000-square-foot home isn't only impressive for its size -- it's being built to last thousands of years.

Lessons From the Ultimate Safe House

Hard-core building owners are testing materials and technology that could change home building for the rest of us.

TransForm was designed with the following in mind: 


TransForm maximizes owner benefits with a safe, practical building process.

When you build with TransForm you get:

Energy Conservation 

Saving energy is a worldwide concern and TF is proud to reveal perhaps the most important and exciting attribute of TransForm: maximum energy efficiency. Two unique features of the TransForm system contribute to unparalleled energy savings:

  • Super Insulated Core. TransForm puts most of the insulation (4” minimum) where you need it, on the outside of the concrete core. This unique feature creates an energy efficient structure where the thermal mass is super insulated from the outside environment and only slightly buffered from the inside temperature. 
  • Active Thermal Management of Core. By optionally combining PEX-type thermal transfer tubing with the latest green energy technologies like solar collection and others, TransForm allows your structure to actively manage the vast thermal storage potential of its core. It’s even possible to make your structure energy neutral. An industry first!

Learn more about TransForm energy savings here.


Disasters can happen anywhere at any time, destroying both lives and property. TransForm was engineered to withstand nearly any disaster including earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, terrorism, fire, rot, and insects. The open forming system design permits easy placement and inspection of the most complex reinforcement schedules. Wherever you are in the world, TransForm easily adapts to meet your structure’s needs. 

TransForm’s permanently insulated core locks in moisture during the hydration process.  Especially important for the strongest low water mixes, TransForm allows a complete cure for maximum strength.  For maximum resistance to earthquakes and blast damage, Helix™ steel fibers can supplement the mix to build highly elastic, energy absorbing structures.


TransForm is also environmentally friendly.  Our forms and extrusions are made from recycled materials. The vertical design minimizes construction waste and the forming panels can be re-used virtually without limit. TransForm eliminates the need for form stripping chemicals and their environmental damage. Furthermore, the environmental impact from shipping is minimized thanks both to our lightweight design and ability to source materials locally to the building site.

Beyond the construction process, TransForm structures are good for the environment throughout their life spans.  These durable structures have inherently low maintenance requirements. When looking at the life-cycle of the structure, the costs are minimal compared to the benefits you receive. TransForm structures will be around for generations to come.

Construction Efficiency

TransForm is a strong hybrid of plastic and steel and was engineered to ensure builders ease of use. By testing TransForm with our own TF Forming Systems contractors, we are positive you will build confidently and efficiently.

More cost effective than conventional concrete building methods, one form investment allows you to efficiently build any configuration of concrete wall: Insulated Walls, Studded Cavity Walls, and Bare Concrete Face Walls. Additional benefits include: 

  • Safe, light-weight, high-strength  forms and components reduce risk of injury and labor intensity.
  • Straight and True walls, no one in the ICF industry comes close to TransForm’s accuracy
  • Much stronger formwork than ICFs – no blowouts means you can pour with confidence.
  • High productivity, reduced labor skill requirements
  • Pour doors for tall wall pours
  • Easily create strong window and door openings or even radius walls with minimal waste.
  • Forget about all that difficult form stripping. TransForm requires less time and are reusable!
  • TransForm automatically builds interior stud walls with cavities, leaving the walls ready for the: plumbers, electricians, and other trades. Another industry first!  
  • TransForm easily accommodates heavy rebar schedules. Pre-build your rebar cages AND pre-build wall sections..
  • Custom made easy: custom height walls delivered to you with no manual cutting or waste
  • Easy floor level transitions


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