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helix micro rebar with insulated concrete forms

Continuing the Path To Innovative Building 

Helix has more than 15 years of history; from its development as university research to practical, everyday applications. Helix was first introduced to the market by Luke Pinkerton, company President and CTO in 2003. 

Pinkerton, a mechanical engineer, and other researchers began working to develop what is now Helix for the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers as an alternative to rebar in blast resistant applications where rebar was not good enough and too cumbersome to use. 

Today, this technology is not only used for blast resistant, high impact applications, but a wide array of uses including in the construction of commercial buildings to roads, bridges, homes and airports. 

Helix is manufactured in the United States and sold across the United States and around the world. It has been used in more than 30 countries, with that number growing. 

What is Helix? 

Helix is Micro-Rebar. Helix is an excellent accompaniment to the TF Forming Systems' insulated concrete wall systems. In many applications, these tiny, twisted steel fibers can be a replacement for rebar and in most cases, a better way to reinforce concrete. 

Here are some benefits of Helix: 

  • Improved crack resistance
  • Increased durability 
  • Improved shear strength 

Top 10 Reasons to Include Helix with your TF Wall

  1. Helix eliminates Placing Errors
  2. Helix Provides 40% Stronger Concrete; combine that with the longer curing time of a TF Wall, and your walls are 50% stronger or more than a conventionally poured concrete wall without insulation or helix. 
  3. Helix allows the concrete to absorb 200% + more energy. 
  4. Helix has excellent concrete control properties. 
  5. Helix is a safer, discontinuous reinforcement system.
  6. Helix helps increase worksite safety.
  7. Helix is electroplated with zinc. 
  8. Helix and TF significantly reduce construction time. 
  9. Helix and the strength of the TF forming systems reduce reinforcing costs by over 20%. 
  10. Helix and TF can help you achieve LEED goals. 

For more information on Helix, please visit their website at and then call us to discuss how we can add this to your next project for a stronger, more resilient building. 



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