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Owners' Words

"Shawn and I are so thankful  for all his help.  Jerry is such a wonderful and helpful person.  Everyone that works at your company is so helpful."

- Michelle Vanderville, Wisconsin

"We wanted an ICF home for the efficiency to save on our utilities to stop the air drafts coming through the house and the other thing was security being that we are in "Tornado Alley".  We love the security when there's a storm out.  We don't have to monitor it as much and make a run for the basement because we're confident that the house is going to stand.  We tell all of our friends that are building, this is the home (ICF) you need to do.  Build an ICF home because you'll love it."

- Cindy Gortmaker, Lampe, Missouri

"Living in Kansas, it's going to be nice to know that when storms come, my family will be safer inside ICF concrete walls. When we considered the extra safety, better insulation, sound barrier, and building convenience, it was an easy decision to use the TF System! When people ask if we planned to have a safe room, I tell them we planned to have a safe house; surrounded by ICF concrete walls!"

- Justin Weibers, Manhattan, Kansas


"In Oklahoma storms are a big deal so having a home so much safer than a traditional home is a nice feeling."


- James Ashford, Oklahoma


"I like the protection the concrete core of an ICF home gives against weather and time."


- Roy Wade, Kansas

"The previous house that my husband and I had built was an energy efficient house in terms of R-Value & geothermal system.  When I contracted with Dean (a TF distributor) to build my house in Alexandria MN, he sold me on the benefits of using the insulated concrete form system.  The energy efficiency, structural benefits & return on investment were very important to me and made it easy for me to chose an ICF house.  I'm truly happy with my beautiful home!  Thanks!"


- Diane Jamison, Minnesota

"My wife and I built a custom home in 2010 using the TF System (insulated concrete forms) on the basement and main floor exterior walls. Our location is in western Minnesota on a lake facing the northwest. Our main concerns were the winter winds, cold and exterior noise. After doing some research, we decided on building a solid concrete two level house. We chose the vertical ICF system because of the superior insulating and soundproof benefits. Because the walls are perfectly flat, inside and outside finishing was easy (no warping). We are 100% satisfied with our bomb proof, fire proof, tornado proof and noise proof home with no moisture or rodent problems."


- Paul and Sandy, Minnesota


 "When designing my new home several years ago, I was concerned about the strength of stick framed walls used in conventional homes. As I live in an area that has experienced significant tornado activity, it was my good fortune to discover Insulated Concrete Forms for residential construction. After much research, I decided that ICF construction made good sense and that is the way we built our new house. Recently a tornado passed very close by my ICF home and I was very confident in the ability of my ICF home to protect me during that event. I cannot begin to describe the peace of mind knowing that I will be safe during tornado/high wind events. Along with the safety factor that reinforced insulated concrete walls provide, I am also pleased with the exceptional energy efficiency ICF construction gives me. I am very pleased with the decision to build an ICF dwelling."

- Ed Smarsh, Taylorsville, GA 



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