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The price of lumber, from framing to structural panels, has increased in recent weeks with some prices rising more than 30%.


Concrete Home Takes Shape for Habitat

A summer building project is providing a first home for a young Antigo couple and teaching a new mix of skills to local volunteers.

One Of The Largest Homes In the US

Steve Huff's 72,000-square-foot home isn't only impressive for its size -- it's being built to last thousands of years.

Lessons From the Ultimate Safe House

Hard-core building owners are testing materials and technology that could change home building for the rest of us.


12 Concrete Homes You'd Never Know Were Concrete

By on 6/8/2017

Construction methods have come a long way and when people hear "Concrete Home" they think of flat, gray, cold concrete or the concrete blocks painted with color.  However, the construction trade knows that concrete homes come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors and finishes.  Today we share 12 concrete homes you'd never know were built with concrete.



Each home is as unique as their owner.  Whether looking for the cabin or cottage retreat on the water or in the woods - to their forever home, insulated concrete form construction brings each of these types of homes their own style.  No matter what style of concrete home, several items stay the same for all of these homes; they are built to last for generations.  Concrete homes are built to withstand what mother nature intends to destroy and by adding the insulated concrete forms, the energy efficiency of the home has skyrocketed.  Gone are the days where a homeowner would have to choose form over function.  Today the homeowner can have both.


The advantages of building with an insulated concrete form home is the money you'll save on your energy bill each and every month from heating to cooling.  Another advantage is the built in safety from tornadoes and hurricanes.  The durability of a concrete home protects your investment and the sound reduction of an insulated concrete form home is perfect for anyone looking for quiet living while indoors.  


For more information on building with insulated concrete forms, call us today at 1.800.360.4634.





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