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TF Welcomes Rob Vogel - ICF Territory Sales Manager

By on 1/18/2017
Rob-Vogel-ICF-Territory-Manager-TF-Forming-SystemsTF Forming Systems proudly welcomes Rob Vogel as our newest ICF Territory Sales Manager.  Rob comes to us with vast experience in both the construction industry and the concrete industry along with a great working relationship with TF.  Rob actually worked with TF back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s and lives in an ICF home that he built to maximize all the benefits of an insulated concrete home.  Per Rob, each month he realizes the very low heating and cooling costs helping his bottom line in home ownership.

We sat down with Rob and asked him about his background and what gets him excited about the ICF industry.

TF:  How long have you been in the construction industry?

Rob:  “I started in construction as a high school kid looking for a job that agreed with my need to use my hands and see something get built.   I got lucky when hired with a local concrete contractor back in 1990.  I have been doing different types of constructions ever since.”

TF:  How long have you been involved with energy efficiency?

Rob:  “I have been involved in energy efficiency since I started with TF back in 1996.  The tradeshows that TF have been involved with in the past have had some type of sustainable feature.  This started a love of all things sustainable and energy efficiency is a huge component of sustainability.”

TF:  What has you most passionate about the ICF industry?

Rob:  “My passion with the ICF industry and TF in general is its sustainable properties.   The exterior shell of a home has a huge impact on the environment and is directly proportionate to how sustainable a structure is.  I feel as someone in the construction trade, that I have an obligation and a great opportunity to help sustain our world.   ICF’s will not only provide outstanding energy efficiency, but have an extremely long life cycle.  For these reasons, I hope to help as many projects move forward with these goals at the top of the list.

TF:  What are you most excited about as the future develops in the ICF industry?

Rob:  “The future of the ICF industry looks bright.   With a growing concern regarding the environment and climate change, more people are looking for ways to meet these challenges.  ICF’s are an obvious choice when considering what lies ahead.  Other benefits include high wind protection, outstanding sound attenuation, ease of construction, home owner satisfaction… and more.   If we can continue providing outstanding projects and education ICF’s will be unstoppable!

We are excited to have Rob back at TF.  His passion and commitment to sustainable building sets him apart.  If you have questions about an ICF commercial or residential construction project in your near future, please feel free to call Rob at 920.363.4124 or 1.800.360.4634.

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