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The Insulated Concrete Market Size is Poised to Exceed 970 Million Dollars by the Year 2024

By on 11/30/2016
Insulated Concrete Forms Market Share IncreaseAccording to a research report by Global Market Insights, Inc., the Insulated Concrete Market size is poised to exceed 970 Million dollars by the year 2024. 
“Rising consumer preference for energy effective buildings accompanied by the need to reduce operating expenses will be key to the global insulation concrete form market share trend. Policies such as energy saving programs by the U.S., Net Zero in Canada, and new building codes by EU will fuel the insulated concrete forms industry growth.

In the U.S., the insulated concrete form market share dominates regional demand, with residential applications valued at over 100 million dollars in 2015. Demand is primarily driven by the need for sustainable construction to save energy.

Increasing infrastructure expenditure in Asia Pacific and MEA, along with government regulations relating to demand for energy efficiency, safety and the need to reduce construction time is anticipated to stimulate industry growth.

Close to 80% of ICFs are used in below-grade applications for residential applications, with revenue poised to approach 500 million dollars by 2024.  Industrial and infrastructure applications should see more than a 7% growth during this time-frame.  Key ICF market features include technology access, cost reduction, energy conservation and strong insulation performance.”

To read the complete press release by Global Market Insights, Inc. please click here.  Insulated Concrete Forms Panelization Construction

At TF Forming Systems, we see this trend continue to rise each year as more and more people understand the benefits to building with Insulated Concrete Forms.  In our local area, the trend is fueled by the owner of the building; whether a homeowner in a residential situation or the building owner in a multi-family home or a commercial building.  We continue to strive in educating builders and architects on the need to build a better building, a safer building; a building that will increase the quality of life by being sustainably built, shortening the construction time, cutting down on the heating and cooling costs, offering noise reduction, and disaster resistance.  We can educate builders and architects by offering AIA accredited courses.  We also offer ICF training conferences for general contractors, builders, and homeowners.

We believe that not only are Insulated Concrete Forms a great way to build a foundation in a building but that ICF’s can be used to build the whole structure.  We believe the consumer needs to understand that there is more to building a great house than just the foundation.  All components need to be considered when building a “great building” like windows, roofing, heating, cooling, air quality, roof truss insulation, venting and more.  

We invite you to look around our website to learn more about our Insulated Concrete Form product, then call us with questions at 1-800-360-4634.

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