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Habitat for Humanity Builds with TF Forming Systems VerticalForm ICF System

By on 10/12/2016

Habitat for Humanity Home using Vertical Form ICF by TF Forming SystemsRecently, a well-deserving family moved into their new home which was built using TF Forming Systems, VerticalForm ICF system.  What’s special about this home is that it is a Habitat for Humanity home.  At TF we are proud to partner with Habitat for Humanity's across the country helping owners get into a home that’s built to last.

Building homes with TF's ICF construction saves time in the build process due to its ease but also helps the family keep their monthly utility bills low.  The family receives a safe home that is energy efficient, mold resistant, pest resistant, and will be comfortable for the rest of their lives.  

Our system is the only ICF system on the market able to utilize the donated Dow insulation boards for Habitat for Humanity.


At our last training session, we had several Habitat for Humanity Reps on hand and one of the comments that still sticks with me today is that the goal of Habitat is to be a “Hand-up not just a Hand-out.”  By keeping these family’s utility bills lower than the average home utility bill, they can make ends meet for their family giving them pride in all that they are accomplishing.  Congratulations to this wonderful family.TF Forming Systems Vertical ICF System used in Habitat for Humanity Homes bringing energy efficiency and safety to families


Click Here for a link to an article on this family's home.


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