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ICF Construction - Lighten the Load on Your Next Home Build

By on 9/28/2016
ICF Construction with TF Forming Systems, Light and Easy to CarryWhat’s the lightest of these three – steel, wood, or foam? Obviously foam is the answer and this makes TF Forming Systems Vertical Insulated Concrete Forms the answer when a person is ready to build a home without lugging around heavy steel forms or framing material.  Because the vertical insulated concrete forms (ICFs) are comprised only of foam panels, PVC studs, and c-channel, the entire project is a lighter load on your body!  This is a huge benefit that is largely overlooked in the construction industry.  However, many of our customers understand this benefit and have taken advantage of this unique ICF feature.

So, are you ready to lighten the load on your next home construction build?

These light-weight forms are utilized in every building project using the TF Forming Systems Vertical ICF’s.  In most projects using our system, it is standard that the builder places all the material in the center of the project which can then be moved as wrapped bundles into the hole or onto the subfloor with the carrying ability of only two people.  The builder then just grabs the components a few pieces at a time and this never amounts to more than 10lbs.  This allows a builder to be able to do a lot more work in a day’s time because it isn’t physically exhausting.  Some of our successful ICF builders are only two person crews!

Now, take it one step further, some crews are known to have all of a job’s material sent directly to their shop where they build the walls in the comfort and shelter of the indoors.  This allows them to work rain or shine and in extreme hot or cold weather.  Once they assemble the walls, they just lift the walls onto a trailer and set them at the jobsite all with the strength of a few people.  How could you make building a home any easier?
Using ICF forms from TF System lighten the load on construction workers
Another benefit captured from TF Vertical ICF forms being so light is their ability to be utilized where conventional concrete foundation walls are far too hard to pour.  Every so often, a job requires footings in a confined space that’s not all that accessible to a form truck.  Using conventional building methods, this would require a crew to lug forms that weigh up to 80lbs from the street to the dig site.  Solution -- use TF Vertical ICF forms.  Although the foam isn’t really needed for insulation in this application, the lightness of the foam and ladders is a much better option and actually saves money due to less physical labor.  (See pictures of TF Forming Systems Vertical ICF Forms being used as a frost-wall in a tight back yard for a kitchen addition.)

Save your back, save your time, and save your money by using Vertical Insulated Concrete Forms.  All the components are light enough that they can be carried and assembled with ease.  Crews that build with TF Vertical Insulated Concrete Forms enjoy the luxury of not having to lug around heavy steel concrete forms, framing lumber or even OSB sheeting saving their bodies for years to come.  TF Vertical Insulated Concrete Forms are the light and right choice for your building project.



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