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Insul-Deck Compliments TF Forming Systems' Insulated Concrete Forms

By on 8/3/2016
ICF Construction with Insul-Deck Flooring and RoofingInsul-Deck is an insulated, pour-on-site solution to spanning concrete floors and/or roofs.  And just like TFs’ Vertical Insulated Concrete Forms, it has many great benefits. Coupling Insul-Deck with TF Forming Systems’ Vertical ICF is the perfect way to build smart and efficient.

Insul-Deck offers the best way to build an efficient floor and/or roof system by offering a finished product that has an R-value of R-10 to R-25 depending on the thickness of foam. This allows a builder to utilize Insul-Deck anywhere cast concrete is desired to span a gap, and simultaneously benefit from a high R-value of insulation.  Insul-Deck is great for living spaces, as roof systems and underneath garages where pre-cast concrete would need to be insulated after installation at an additional cost and inconvenience.  With Insul-Deck, a great deal of insulation is built right into the form, so a highly efficient and energy saving project is a guarantee.

One of Insul-Deck’s greatest qualities is how highly applicable it is. While other spanning floors are usually made of pre-casted concrete and set in place with a crane, Insul-Deck is made of foam panels that lock together and act as a form for poured concrete. This allows all of Insul-Decks’ components to be lifted into place by hand, making it ideal for places that don’t easily accommodate big equipment. It can be utilized basically anywhere pre-cast concrete is needed and it installs easily with a small crew. It can span up to 30 feet with proper building techniques.


Insul-Deck Compliments TF Forming Systems ICF Construction Projects

Just like TFs’ Vertical forms, there are many other benefits that are offered by Insul-Deck besides the biggest selling points.  Some of the benefits of Insul-Deck floor system include, sound deadening, drywall attach ready, mechanical and service cavities and great structural strength. These are added bonuses which make the system that much more appealing to people who want a quiet and safe finished project, and who want to build it the easiest way possible.

TF Forming Systems recommends Insul-Deck as a great product. Mostly because this product addresses the same problems that TF Forming Systems set out to solve.  Insul-Deck, just like TFs’ Vertical Insulated Concrete Forms, can provide a finished product that is highly efficient, outstandingly strong and lavishly comfortable, while being easy to install and at a competitive price.

In the video below Insul-Deck was installed as a floor system.  Please feel free to view the video and if you have questions regarding Insul-Deck for a project you have coming up or have questions regarding insulated concrete forms, please call us at 1-800-360-4634.


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