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Building with TF Forming Systems Insulated Concrete Forms - An Intern's Perspective

By on 7/20/2016
Intern at TF Forming Systems the Vertical ICF Manufaturer of Insulated Concrete Forms

My name is Collin and I’m a summer intern at TF Forming Systems, the Vertical ICF Manufacturer.  I’m an enrolled student in the college of Mechanical engineering at UW- Madison, WI.  Starting out here in May, I didn’t really know what to expect.  I knew a little bit about ThermoForm ICF's, but not enough to fully give it my trust as a superior product.  However, the more I learned, the more the product grabbed my attention, and I was soon in awe about how cleverly simple it is; take an insulating material and use it as a form for concrete.  The combination gives you all the best qualities of a building product. 

I soon began to try to apply what I learned at school to the insulated concrete forms product. First of all, the foam is homogeneously spread across the wall- there’s no gaps and the thickness remains constant.  This is a fantastic quality compared to the stud walls of a framed house.  Heat transfer happens at the point of least resistance or where materials are more thermal conducting- which is the stud in a framed house.  So even if a person insulates a framed house the best they can, heat loss is still granted through the stud!  On a TF Forming System insulated concrete forms wall, the thermal protection you get from the foam is the same everywhere with no so-called leak spots.

Another great benefit from TF’s ThermoForm ICF wall is the concrete in the center. Concrete like materials date back as far as 6500 BC, but as you know we’re just now more commonly integrating it into our house construction!  The cool thing about concrete is that it is largely impermeable to most substances.  This means things can’t easily pass through it which although seems obvious already, is made very apparent when compared to conventional building methods which are not.  Next time you feel a draft on a cold winter day, you’ll now know why!  

Besides its role as a super barrier, concrete in a TF ICF wall is also super strong.  This is because it’s a composite material in which the rebar is the reinforcing material while the concrete acts as the matrix.  This is the same reason why bullet proof glass can stop bullets.  Bullet proof glass is a composite material made with fiberglass strands for reinforcing and epoxy resin as the matrix.  This similar relation allows the concrete in TF insulated concrete forms walls, which would be brittle by itself, to provide a safe haven for a family during an extreme storm or even a bomb blast. -and this was actually tested! 

All in all, with TF Forming System's ICF systems, a person can build a house efficiently at a competitive price.  The final product will be super comfortable, much easier to heat and cool, and will be the best spot to take shelter in a time of disaster.  In my opinion as the current summer intern at TF, Thermoform is an engineering marvel and should be considered in every building project!



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