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Lumber Prices Rise

The price of lumber, from framing to structural panels, has increased in recent weeks with some prices rising more than 30%.


Concrete Home Takes Shape for Habitat

A summer building project is providing a first home for a young Antigo couple and teaching a new mix of skills to local volunteers.

One Of The Largest Homes In the US

Steve Huff's 72,000-square-foot home isn't only impressive for its size -- it's being built to last thousands of years.

Lessons From the Ultimate Safe House

Hard-core building owners are testing materials and technology that could change home building for the rest of us.

Design professionals who have specified TF Forming Systems' forms continue to use it, mainly because they are easy to design with and offer design flexibility. Most architects are introduced to ThermoForm and TransForm when looking for “the ICF system” that provides the owner with the greatest overall value. 

However, they continue to use TF Forms because it serves their own needs, which includes:
ICF Forms Curved Wall with TF Forming Systems ICF ThermoForm

Design Options

Rigid polystyrene insulation can easily be shaped to create arches, radius walls, pilasters, step footings, and parapet walls. Stud rails are available in a wide range of lengths and widths, creating variable wall thicknesses and heights to accommodate the design of the steel reinforcement and wall dimensions.  


TF Forming Systems can significantly contribute to earning optimized energy, recycled content and local manufacturing points. Our forms offer many other "green" advantages, such as air tight construction and no off-gassing for better control of indoor air quality, minimal construction waste, durable building materials and performance.

Construction Specifications

ThermoForm and TransForm can be designed to meet non-combustible construction qualifications. ThermoForm offers an STC Rating of 51 (6" concrete wall) for projects needing sound reduction and easily meets requirements specified through ICC’s International Residential and Building Code.

Minimize Waste

By using TF Forming Systems, you experience ease of construction, minimal waste and optimized material. With either of TF's systems, wall dimensions and heights can easily be designed and constructed to avoid making unnecessary cuts and adjustments on the jobsite, thereby reducing materials.


TransForm and ThermoForm can be used to easily create window and door rough openings and place the reinforcing bar around the opening. Several window and door buck systems are available in wood, metal and plastics to speed up construction and provide solid anchor points for window and door materials.


TF Forming Systems is perfectly matched for use in a variety of different projects, including:

  • Multi-unit residential, condominiums and apartment complexes
  • Assisted living facilities
  • Churches
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Warehouses
  • Box stores and strip malls
  • Hospitals, clinics and clean-room manufacturing
  • Outdoor structures such as swimming pools, retaining walls, or even water towers
  • Net Zero energy buildings



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