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IDHS Offers Funds for Severe Weather Safe Room

The voluntary program reimburses homeowners 75 percent of the cost, up to $4,000.

One Of The Largest Homes In the US

Steve Huff's 72,000-square-foot home isn't only impressive for its size -- it's being built to last thousands of years.

Lessons From the Ultimate Safe House

Hard-core building owners are testing materials and technology that could change home building for the rest of us.

Innovative Insulated Concrete Form Solutions for Distributors

We appreciate your interest in what we consider to be the responsible way to build for today and tomorrow as a distributor.  We have been in the Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs) business for over 20 years.  In that time, we have earned a reputation as pioneers in the industry, being the first to develop the VERTICAL ICF system.  We are consistently offering contractors, developers and design professionals new ways to build more energy efficient, disaster resistant and resilient structures.


  • Ability to offer an innovative ICF solution with minimal SKUs and inventory investment

  • Opportunity to increase customer base

  • New Revenue Stream

  • Dedicated TF sales support team

  • Estimating support available

  • Proven quality products and services

  • Marketing support available


Local Distribution (sales and service) - corners, stud rails, and polystyrene

- Our team of highly trained and knowledgeable sales staff can assist you through the entire process before and during construction.

- Local distribution shortens lead times.

Easy to Use

- Builders report that our Vertical Insulated Concrete Form Systems are easy to learn, use and install.

Excellent for Residential, Commercial and Agricultural Construction

- Thick foam insulation on both sides of the concrete offers greater insulating values, reducing energy consumption.

- Unlimited Design Capabilities make Vertical Insulted Concrete Forms the right choice for any structure.

- TF Forming System products offer many tall wall construction advantages for multi-story buildings and high-rise construction,

Energy Efficient

- Building owners report energy usage down 40-60% using the TF Forming Systems Vertical ICF systems.

Structural Strength

- Concrete poured into an Insulated Concrete Form cures slower, resulting in a wall that is up to 50% stronger than regular poured walls.

- TF Forming Systems ICF projects are built to withstand natural disasters.

- Adding Helix Fibers to the concrete can give your walls wind resistance of over 250mph.

Customizable On-site

- TF Forming Systems Vertical Insulated Concrete Forms can be cut to any size on-site using simple hand tools.  No special tools required.  No heavy equipment required.

- TF Forming Systems Vertical Insulated Concrete Forms can be customized straight from the factory.

Monolithic Wall Construction

- The Vertical design of the rails allows for tall, straight walls to be filled in one pour. 

Fire Resistance

- A TF Forming Systems Vertical ICF wall can offer a multi-hour fire rating for areas such as demising walls, party walls, and other commercial construction where a 3-4 hour fire rating is required.

Concrete and the Rigid Poly are Allergen and Insect Resistant

- Tight envelope of our systems create a mold, allergen and insect-free building for your clients.  This provides a cleaner, more healthy environment for homes, commercial buildings and agricultural structures.

Low Maintenance

- Little to no maintenance required on the structure due to the fact that all material is inert and durable.  Concrete and insulation also resist moisture so there is no rotting or decay of the structure over time resulting in breakdown or dilapidation of the frame like with wood frame buildings.

- ICF structures are built to last for centuries.


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