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contractors and insulated concrete forms

The design of the ThermoForm System® is based upon decades of actual contractor experience.  

Our extensive product and job site knowledge allow us to provide superior technical support and unparalleled customer service.  We recognize the challenges contractors face and remain dedicated to providing the highest quality product, based on the latest research and development.



  • You can set almost any wall up to 12-feet high entirely from the ground, without scaffolding.  Just like you can set other vertical concrete forms from the ground.
  • When you need to cut foam at the end of a wall for a splice, you take one measurement and cut a full height panel all at once, instead of stopping work multiple times to measure and cut a separate block.
  • Unlike traditional ICF blocks, ThermoForm splices are the strongest part of the wall requiring no additional bracing.
  • All materials can be ordered to exact wall height, so no cutting is needed at the top of the wall.
  • You have a few basic parts that create all the common features: straight walls, curved walls, 90-degree corners, irregular corners, and openings.
  • The materials ship almost completely flat to maximize shipping space.  
  • It is easy to prefab wall sections indoors or on the job site, then set them in place.  On-site booms or lifts are helpful to set large sections in place.
  • Only about half as much bracing is necessary to produce a consistently straight, plumb wall.  Each rail is a vertical member that adds rigidity to the wall so less outside correction is needed.  The C-channel along the top and bottom of the wall helps hold it straight.
  • Fewer cuts are needed at each opening with the vertical TF System.
  • Waste is about 1% for an experienced crew.  Almost every cut-off can be used because all foam is flat material with no teeth or ties to match up.  All rail cut-offs can simply be stacked on top of each other.
  • You can install all the rebar at one time by setting up the wall with the foam panels on one side only.  Or you can install both sides and set the bars as you go, as with other systems.
  • Anytime, any place you need access to the inside of the form wall, slide up a panel.  When you’re done, slide it back down.
  • The forms do not float during the pour because there are no horizontal seams.
  • The forms do not settle, period.
  • The rails are 100% continuous up the entire height of the wall.  No gaps, no seams, no problem hitting the “stud”.
  • All rails are thick, high-grade material for durability and high screw pull-out strength.
  • Rails are available in either plastic or steel, for any type of job. Concrete widths from 4" to 24" and beyond are available.

Click on the graphic below to download our ThermoForm brochure. Then call us to discuss your needs. 


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