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Commercial Construction with TF Forming Systems Insulated Concrete Forms - Building Green and Sustainable for the Future


Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs) have exceptional benefits over traditional building methods in the commercial construction industry. The Vertical ICF forms provide green and sustainable building materials for any construction project.  TF Forming Systems Vertical ICF, ThermoForm, is not only better than traditional building methods it also offers many benefits over a block ICF system.



Vertical ICF Benefits vs. Traditional Building Methods

Vertical Insulated Concrete Forms offer a wall assembly that is one of the best known methods of construction in the building industry.  An ICF provides a high R-value for extreme energy efficiency while also providing the most disaster resistant and sustainable building possible.  For most commercial buildings, ICF's can offer these benefits for less cost than traditional methods such as steel, concrete block (CMU), tilt-up and other systems. 


ICF construction is growing rapidly among high profile commercial structures throughout North America. The typical question asked at most ICF presentations is, “Why aren’t most commercial projects going with Insulated Concrete Forms if the benefits are realized at a cost decrease?”  The answer to that question is rather simple actually, CHANGE.  Those changes are happening right now in the architectural, engineering and general contracting world.  The professional building industry leaders are offering ICF as an alternate on some of the largest multi-family, hotels, schools, assisted living, government and industrial buildings in the nation.

Vertical ICF Benefits vs. Block ICF

ThermoForm is a Vertical ICF offering many advantages over a horizontal block ICF in the commercial building industry. A ThermoForm wall can be built with one side open for full access to place and tie rebar. (click for picture)

The panels in a Vertical ICF are separate components from the stud attachments allowing for the panels to slide up during the construction or pouring process. If one should drop a tool into the top of the wall you could simply slide up a panel to retrieve that tool as well as to empty debris that may get into the wall. (click for picture)

Panels can also be slid up during the pour to open a window to pour through the side of a wall. Tall wall pouring is a vertical ICF’s #1 benefit in a commercial building. ANY height wall can be poured as one solid pour with no cold joints. (click for picture)

Vertical ICF’s provide a faster, more efficient building process. Most vertical ICF users realize a 30% decrease in labor costs due to the many benefits and efficiencies. 

Options in a vertical ICF far outweigh those of a block ICF. Thicker panels for higher R-Values are easily produced. Any thickness of concrete up to 36”+ wide is achievable.  Any custom corner angle is produced in the factory not on-site by cutting apart components which saves time. No floating or settling of components because a vertical ICF has a full height stud attachment with no breaks. Less bracing due to a metal c-channel component on the top and bottom of the wall and less horizontal joints to keep from moving. Radius walls are a breeze with ThermoForm. 

Please CONTACT US to get more information about designing with ThermoForm Insulated Concrete Forms and find out why ICF construction has been the best kept secret in the commercial building world for years. The word is out! Join the best ICF.


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