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Rich MortlockManseau Flats Apartment Building Complex in Ashwaubenon Being Built with TF's Vertical ICF's

Manseau Flats located in Ashwaubenon has been moving along in the building process since August of 2017.  The six-story, 78-unit apartment is on schedule to open the fall of 2018 and has been receiving some press as of late.  The Village of Ashwaubenon has been in need of multi-unit apartments for this area and Bedford Development has stepped up to create the upscale apartment units named Manseau Flats on the Fox River.

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Rich MortlockNet-Zero-Energy Homes Saw Strong Growth in 2016

An Insulated Concrete Form home built using TF Forming Systems Vertical ICF to build net zero energy homesAccording to the article below by DWM Magazine, Net-Zero-Energy Homes saw strong growth in 2016.  The article is geared toward the door and window manufacturing sector but realizes how important the building envelope is in achieving the Net-Zero-Energy Home.  At TF Forming Systems, we know how critical the building envelope is.  This is why we are passionate about our vertical insulated concrete forms.

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Rich Mortlock12 Concrete Homes You'd Never Know Were Concrete

12 Concrete Homes You'd Never Know Where Concrete

12 Concrete Homes You'd Never Know Were Concrete.  Construction methods have come a long way and when people hear "Concrete Home" they think of flat, gray, cold concrete or the concrete blocks painted with color.  However, the construction trade knows that concrete homes come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors and finishes. Today we share 12 concrete homes you'd never know were built with concrete.


Rich Mortlock6 AIA Continuing Education Credits Offered in Wisconsin at the TF Forming Systems ICF Construction Training Seminar

At TF Forming Systems, we are pleased to announce that our Annual Training Seminar offers 6 AIA Continuing Education Credits.  This training seminar will be held on Friday, April 7, 2017 at the Best Western Inn located in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  This one day seminar will begin at 8:00am and finish around 4:00pm the same day.  Breakfast, lunch and refreshments are included in the cost of the training seminar.


Rich MortlockLumber Prices to Soar Making Green, Sustainable Insulated Concrete Forms More Affordable than Ever Before

ICF home with TF Forming SystemsThe rise in Americans building new homes has been continually growing since the recession.  With supply and demand always being of particular interest, the cost of wood used to build those homes has also risen.  Along with the demand principle, much of the wood that America uses is imported from Canada and import duties on Canadian lumber will help those prices rise even higher now and into the future.


Rich MortlockTF Welcomes Rob Vogel - ICF Territory Sales Manager

We sat down with Rob and asked him about his background and what gets him excited about the ICF industry.

TF:  How long have you been in the construction industry?

Rob:  “I started in construction as a high school kid looking for a job that agreed with my need to use my hands and see something get built.   I got lucky when hired with a local concrete contractor back in 1990.  I have been doing different types of constructions ever since.”

TF:  How long have you been involved with energy efficiency?

Rob:  “I have been involved in energy efficiency since I started with TF back in 1996.  The tradeshows that TF have been involved with in the past have had some type of sustainable feature.  This started a love of all things sustainable and energy efficiency is a huge component of sustainability.”

TF:  What has you most passionate about the ICF industry?

Rob:  “My passion with the ICF industry a ...


Rich MortlockThe Insulated Concrete Market Size is Poised to Exceed 970 Million Dollars by the Year 2024

Insulated Concrete Forms Construction Market RiseAccording to a research report by Global Market Insights, Inc., the Insulated Concrete Market size is poised to exceed 970 Million dollars by the year 2024.  

“Rising consumer preference for energy effective buildings accompanied by the need to reduce operating expenses will be key to the global insulation concrete form market share trend. Policies such as energy saving programs by the U.S., Net Zero in Canada, and new building codes by EU will fuel the insulated concrete forms industry growth.


Rich MortlockHabitat for Humanity Builds and TF Forming Systems VerticalForm

Our system is the only ICF system on the market able to utilize the donated Dow insulation board.


Rich MortlockAs the Temperatures Fall...

Do you have an upcoming construction project where CMU’s are bid? Will that project fall into the colder months?  Will you need to put up additional overhead into the building project to work during the colder months?


Rich MortlockICF Construction - Lighten the Load on Your Next Home Build

These light-weight forms are utilized in every building project using the TF Forming Systems Vertical ICF’s.  In most projects, using our system, it is standard that the builder places all the material in the center of the project which can then be moved as wrapped bundles into the hole or onto the subfloor with the carrying ability of only two people.  The builder then just grabs the components a few pieces at a time and this never amounts to more than 10lbs.  This allows a builder to be able to do a lot more work in a day’s time because it isn’t physically exhausting.  Some of our successful ICF builders are only two person crews!

Now, take it one step further, some crews are known to have all of a job’s material sent directly to their shop where they build the walls in the comfort and shelter of the indoors.  This allows them to work rain or shine and in extreme hot or cold weather.  Once they assemble the walls, they just lif ...


Rich MortlockBuilding Practices with Vertical ICF Construction – Less Waste, More Profit

When planning your next building project, you probably haven’t put too much thought into how much waste your project is going to generate.  According to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), this could be as much as 8,000 lbs. for the typical 2,000 square foot house.  It is also estimated by the EPA that waste from construction accounts for up to 40% of the nation’s solid waste; all of which ends up in a land fill!  With these staggering figures, there is constantly more push for greener building projects such as LEED certified projects which our ICF systems comply with.


Rich MortlockInsul-Deck compliments TF Forming Systems Insulated Concrete Forms

Insul-Deck Compliments TF Forming Systems Insulted Concrete FormsInsul-Deck is an insulated, pour-on-site solution to spanning concrete floors and/or roofs.  And just like TFs’ Vertical Insulated Concrete Forms, it has many great benefits. Coupling Insul-Deck with TF Forming Systems’ Vertical ICF is the perfect way to build smart and efficient.


Rich MortlockBuilding with TF Forming Systems Insulated Concrete Forms - An Intern's Perspective

ICF Construction with TF Forming Systems Insulated Concrete FormsMy name is Collin and I’m a summer intern at TF Forming Systems, the Vertical ICF Manufacturer.  I’m an enrolled student in the college of Mechanical engineering at UW- Madison, WI. 


Rich MortlockBuilding a Safe Room or a Safe House?

A safe room or panic room is a fortified room that is installed in a private residence or business to provide a safe shelter, or hiding place, for the inhabitants in the event of a break in, home invasion, tornado, terror attack, or other threat. Safe rooms usually contain communications equipment, so that law enforcement authorities can be contacted.  Depending on where you live, a safe room is not only of extreme importance but a necessity to avoid a natural disaster.  At TF Forming Systems, we have been helping customers not only build safe rooms but also build safe homes and safe commercial buildings.


Rich MortlockFinancing for Energy-Efficient, Net-Zero Homes

If you're building a home that's so energy-efficient that your utility bills will be minimal or nonexistent, your lender should take that into consideration when deciding how much you can afford to borrow, right? Not so fast. Net zero homes, also known as zero energy homes, offer financial and environmental advantages to buyers, but not all lenders and appraisers recognize the impact of higher levels of energy efficiency on a homeowner's bottom line.


Rich MortlockBuilding for Tornadoes and Other Natural Disasters

Commercial Building using TF Systems ThermoForm Insulated Concrete Form SystemTornadoes and other natural disasters are not only scary but wreak havoc on homes and businesses.  Frank Ikerd knows firsthand how a tornado can destroy everything in its path.  Frank decided that he would rebuild but this time, he wanted to make sure his business would be able to withstand whatever Mother Nature decided to throw at him.  Frank chose TF Forming Systems’ Vertical Insulated Concrete ThermoForm System for his build.


Rich Mortlock7 Myths about Building an ICF Home or Building

Recently while at a Home Builders Show manning our booth and talking to prospective clients about building Insulated Concrete Form homes, the following statements came up. 


Rich MortlockCongratulations to Sid Thayer of Sid's Concrete on Winning the WRMCA's Concrete Design Award

Congratulations to Sid Thayer of Sid's Concrete for winning the Concrete Design Award from the Wisconsin Ready Mixed Concrete Association.  The annual WRMCA’s Concrete Design Award Ceremony was held on Thursday, March 10th at The American Club in Kohler, Wisconsin.  Sid's award came from a residential home he completed using the ICF technology from TF Forming Systems, Inc. of Green Bay, Wisconsin.  The ICF product of choice was TF's ThermoForm.


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